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Increase Your Chances Of Successful Real Estate Transactions In Chicagoland

Many people’s homes represent the largest investments they will make in a lifetime. There are too many risks at stake for people to undertake a residential real estate purchase or sale without personalized legal advice. An attorney can protect a buyer’s or seller’s interests through all phases of this important transaction. Mistakes stemming from a lack of legal guidance typically end up much more expensive to correct after a buyer or seller has taken shortcuts by skipping out on this important safeguard.

At The Zrnich Law Group, P.C., you will find the quality of legal counsel that you need to complete your residential real estate transaction confidently, successfully and in a timely manner. In case any complications arise, attorney Zrnich can adeptly advise you through each step in resolving them.

A Local Real Estate Attorney Who Goes The Extra Mile

To navigate a transaction involving a single-family house, townhouse or condominium, you may require assistance with the following steps:

  • Review of the purchase offer
  • Title search and review
  • A quiet title action if necessary
  • Arrangements for the purchase of title insurance and home insurance that will be valid from the moment the purchase-sale transaction is completed
  • Arrangements for an inspection, appraisal and any necessary repairs before the closing
  • Negotiations to determine which closing costs the buyer and seller will respectively be responsible for
  • Evaluation of all key issues associated with the sale, including any undisclosed defects or tax-related complications
  • Directing the closing as necessary (from the perspective of the client that the firm represents)
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations of the municipality, county and/or the state of Illinois

Attorney Zrnich adeptly handles these and other key issues involved in residential properties’ buy-sell transactions. He is willing to drive to any area closing regardless of the distance. If a closing protection letter (CPL) is required, he oversees all aspects of this complex legal matter. Above all, he helps ensure that each client’s investment is protected as a buyer or seller. He verifies that the commitment, binder or title insurance policy is properly issued and that all other necessary steps are completed properly.

In addition to purchases, sales, closings and CPLs, Mr. Zrnich handles drafts, reviews and negotiations for residential leases, condominium association agreements and commercial building purchases.

Make The Right Move With The Help Of The Zrnich Law Group, P.C.

For diligent, conscientious legal guidance through your real estate transaction anywhere in the Chicago area, call 847-251-3301 or complete an online form.