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Is A Short Sale The Solution To Your Mortgage Crisis?

An impending mortgage crisis is distressing for anyone. Attorney John Zrnich urges you not to consider it the end of your world. Many people facing the prospect of foreclosure have solved their financial problems over their real estate in a variety of ways. Mr. Zrnich's experience and deep knowledge of real estate law, foreclosure and short sales can be an asset to your case. Let The Zrnich Law Group, P.C., be the support that you lean on during this difficult time.

If you have been paying your mortgage for years and acquitted significant equity in it, the prospect of foreclosure and/or a short sale can be disconcerting at best and nearly devastating at the worst. Some good news to hold onto is this: Mr. Zrnich has helped many clients stop foreclosures and avoid short sales through skillful negotiations with lenders. This approach works for many, but not all, distressed mortgage holders.

Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

For some people, a short sale offers the least damaging end of the road for a troubled mortgage. If a short sale is right for you, having a real estate attorney on your side is vital. If all goes well, you may bounce back more quickly than you imagined and you may be creditworthy to buy another house before long.

How does lawyer John Zrnich work his magic for many clients? To start with, he may pursue loan modifications and other favorable outcomes. He has proven effective at making a significant difference for clients who decide to fight foreclosure, find ways to manage foreclosures or opt for short sales as alternatives to foreclosure.

Specific aspects of a short sale that Mr. Zrnich often handles include these steps:

  • Finding a trustworthy agent who specializes in short sales through his vast network of lenders and fellow attorneys
  • Submitting an application to the lender for review and acceptance
  • Negotiating with the lender to get acceptance
  • Verifying the existence of any liens on the property

Time is of the essence for addressing a short sale; you have little time and a complex process ahead of you. An experienced attorney can be your most important ally.

Turn To A Trustworthy Law Firm For Guidance Through A Short Sale

Real estate lawyer John Zrnich is an advocate of choice for many people in Cook County, Lakewood County and surrounding communities. Learn how he can help by calling 847-251-3301 or emailing the firm to schedule a consultation.